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In the US, most public water systems collect their water from ground and surface sources for public consumption. Unfortunately, even though this water is treated, it still often contains contaminants. These contaminants come from the source, the treatment process, and your home’s piping. 

Due to this, drinking unfiltered tap water can even make you sick and lead to acute or chronic health conditions. Luckily, nowadays, we have advanced water technology. This comes in the form of water filters and water filtration systems. These systems are installed by qualified professionals like Scully’s Plumbing & Heating. 

Filtered tap water is better for you, and we will tell you everything you must know to understand why this is the case. So continue reading to learn the answer to the question: Is filtered water safe to drink? 

Is Filtered Tap Water Safe To Drink? 

In the past, very few people questioned the safety of tap water in the US. Yet, in recent years, more people have been questioning whether tap water is safe to consume. This is because of a growing health interest and recent research into water contaminants in public water. 

Recent findings show tap water is home to many chemicals, contaminants, and bacteria that could harm humans. For example, if you drink unfiltered water, you could ingest microplastics. You could also consume lead, nitrates, and disinfectant byproducts. 

Since these contaminants can cause you harm, it’s natural to be concerned about this problem. 

You can help offset some of these concerns by installing a quality water filtration system in your home. With the correct filtration system, you can continue to get the healthy minerals you need from your water. You can do this without any harmful contaminants because filtered tap water is safe to drink.

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What Are Three Benefits Of Filtered Tap Water?—The Reasons It’s Safe

Now that you know that filtered tap water is safe to drink, you’re likely curious about the benefits and reasons filtered water is safe. 

To help you properly decide if this is the right decision for your household, we have listed the top three benefits of drinking filtered tap water. 

1. Ensures Chlorine Free Water

To most, chlorine is a necessary evil in a water supply because it helps clean and eliminate contaminants. However, various scientific studies have recently linked chlorine to numerous cancers. 

In fact, this study found a link between consuming chlorinated water and colorectal cancer. This is because when chlorine is added to tap water, it produces toxic carcinogens. Luckily, filtering your drinking water will help to remove most of the chlorine found in tap water. 

2. Provides A Better Taste And Smell

Many people often complain about the smell or taste of their water. This is often true for those who have moved from one state to another because they are subjected to a new public water system. 

In the past, your only option would have been to get used to the smell and taste of your tap water, but nowadays, you don’t need to settle for this. Instead, you can install a water filter that will improve the taste and smell of your tap water. 

In no time, you’ll enjoy a more purified water taste and smell—especially if you live somewhere that gets most of its water from natural sources. 

3. Removes Impurities

One of the best reasons you should filter tap water is because it makes drinking water safer. When you filter your tap water, you’ll remove many of the impurities you shouldn’t drink. For example, a good quality home filtration system can remove mold, sediment, rust, and dirt from one’s drinking water. 

These contaminants come through your taps from your dirty or rusty piping. So whatever is found in your pipes will go into your cup. Even if you cleaned your pipes routinely, you could still be susceptible to impurities, so a filtration system is typically best. 

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Speak With A Water Filtration Expert At Scully’s Plumbing & Heating Today

Now you know the benefits of filtered tap water, and that drinking filtered tap water is safe. Start providing clean and safe water for your family by contacting Scully’s Plumbing & Heating, a whole-house water filter installation company.

We can help you install a water filtration system that meets your needs, is easy to use, is durable, portable, and is low maintenance. With our help, you can start providing your household with clean and safe water, so contact us today, and we’ll discuss your options. 

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