Sump pump Service in
Lynbrook NY

A sump pump is used to protect your basement or cellar from flooding by diverting water outside of your property. It is essential to ensure that your sump pump in the basement is working properly in order for it to reduce the chance of flooding during heavy rainfall.

With our years of experience in the business, we have the appropriate tools, technology, and knowledge to keep your basement or cellar dry.

Our services include sump pump maintenance, sump pump replacement, sump pump repairs as well as sump pump installation.

Like any other household appliance, at some point or another, your sump pump will wear out. It is imperative to give us a call when this happens. We will be able to assess whether you’re in need of sump pump repair in Lynbrook, NY, or whether you need sump pump installation in Lynbrook, NY.

How does a sump pump work?

In the event of water reaching a pre-set level, a float switch will be set off which will in turn trigger the sump pump. Once this happens the sump pump will start to remove water right into the storm drain.

Sump pumps can be plugged into a wall outlet and can also be fitted with backup battery power in the event of a power failure during a storm.

Sump pumps can be fitted with a battery-operated water level alarm as well to make sure that you’re alerted when there’s a possibility of flooding in case the pump malfunctions or overflows.

Things to consider before sump pump replacement.

Before you go ahead and install a new sump pump, you should consider the two main types of sump pumps and their advantages.


Pedestal Pump


Regardless of which pump you choose, we guarantee to keep our sump pump installation cost Lynbrook, NY as affordable as possible. The cost of a sump pump Lynbrook, NY that is supplied by us at Scully’s Plumbing and Heating is about the same as a sump pump at home depot Lynbrook, NY but the quality workmanship and expert customer service we provide are exclusive to Scully’s Plumbing and Heating.

Five residential sump pump issues.

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Leaving your sump pump issues unresolved will put your home at risk. Be sure to call us immediately at 516-887-1122 to avoid damage before it’s too late.

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