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Even though radiators have been installed in homes for more than 100 years, they remain humble devices that can be complex to understand. This is because most people don’t know what it means when they hear a radiator banging or making other unpleasant sounds.

If your steam radiator has been banging, gurgling, hissing, or leaking, you might find our article interesting. The steam heating experts at Scullys Plumbing & Heating explain what could be the cause of these radiator noises and how they are fixed.

Is Your Steam Radiator Banging or Gurgling? Causes & Fixes

When a steam radiator makes a banging or gurgling noise, it’s a surefire sign that water is trapped in the system. This is because a radiator banging noise or gurgling sounds results from the steam being prevented from making its way through a pipe into a radiator. 

When this occurs, the steam rapidly condenses and makes a loud banging noise that can be disturbing but is often not too much cause for concern if you have a professional look at the problem. After all, even though a loud banging radiator isn’t always dangerous, it does mean your system isn’t functioning as it should. Usually, a banging or gurgling noise is fixed by a professional who will do one of the following: 

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Is Your Steam Radiator Hissing? Causes & Fixes

When air or water escapes the radiator, it can cause a radiator hissing noise. In most instances, minor noise is normal as it signifies steam movement through the heating system. 

For example, many steam radiators make minor noises when heating, and these noises go away once the steam has reached the radiator. However, although there is typically nothing to worry about, continuous noise could signify that your vents aren’t working correctly and instead allow steam to flow into your radiator into the atmosphere. To fix this problem, a professional will do the following:  

Is Your Steam Radiator Leaking? Causes & Fixes

If you have noticed that your steam radiator is leaking, this is cause for concern. Sometimes a leaking radiator is a quick fix as water could escape through condensation. Other times a leaking radiator could be caused by a complicated system-wide hardware problem that will require the expertise of a plumber to fix. 

Additionally, suppose you’re not handy at fixing radiators. In that case, it’s an excellent idea to consult a professional who can troubleshoot to determine your leak’s seriousness and how to fix it cost-effectively. 

A professional that takes action early on and saves you from experiencing more severe radiator issues down the line that affect your pocket drastically. Depending on why your radiator is leaking, below are some of the ways this issue is fixed:

Speak With An Expert At Scully’s Plumbing & Heating Today To Discuss Your Steam Radiator Repair Or Service Needs

As you can see, a steam radiator can make many different noises besides leaking. If you’re encountering a steam radiator problem and are unsure how to fix it, you should consider speaking with one of our steam heat specialists at Scully’s Plumbing & Heating. 

We have qualified technicians that can assess your steam radiator, determine what is wrong, and fix the issue to ensure you’re not without heating when you need it the most. So, contact us, and we’ll speak to you. 

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